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Why Eltaef company?

  • Selection – recruitment – follow up.
  • A distinguished work team working on fulfilling all the procedure promptly and rigorously.
  • The biggest communication network covering all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Special meeting halls equipped with the latest communication technology means (conference video)
  • The latest programs for the entry and recall of information promptly and link them to the Internet.
  • The largest electronic database.
  • Cars of the latest models equipped to receive and accompany delegations during their presence.
  • Direct acquisition of the rare elements (competencies)

Documents required to travel

Work visit

A passport with four elements of the name valid for at  least 6 months

Bring the original passport

Personal photo

The original educational qualification certificate

The Egyptian company's letter of assignment

An agreement contract sealed with the Saudi company seal.

The visitation letter.

Family Visit
Bringing visa for wife and kids
Commercial Visit

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