About Us

About The Company

Eltaef for recruitment is established to meet the needs of the Arab labor market in all disciplines with a new thinking and a scientific modern method based on a broad database and qualified competencies to be sure that the candidates' choice performs the highest scales of accuracy using all sorts of advertising in major national newspapers and scientific marketing for various cadres.


Our Vision

Believing that the human resources has become one of the most significant factors that control the advancement and rising of any enterprise, provided that the persons hired are well trained, competent and experienced appropriate to the nature of the jobs assigned to them, so we have set ourselves the search for the best human elements who can raise the enterprise and develop their personal capacities at the same time.


Our Goals

As we believe in the importance of the distinguished human element in the advancement of any facility, we specialize in the provision of the Egyptian cadres to work overseas that we were literally the pioneers in that field due to our long experience in the field of overseas recruitment cadres which is certified by the great educational and tourism companies and institutions in the Arabian Gulf and all the Arab countries.

In addition to our contract with some of the biggest industrial, commercial, service and educational establishments to provide us with needed disciplines, as well as the periodic and continuous needed employment advertisement published in the eminent widespread national newspapers which have led to the availability of various specialties and high experienced cadres that rarely found anywhere.

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